On Aug 15th flood waters entered our village through the river Periyar. It crept up the grounds, entered our workshop, first ankle deep, knee, waist and then above our heads. Wading through the rising waters we shifted clothes, fabric, buttons, threads, machines higher and higher till there was no place to go. We were rescued by village boatmen on the 16th. Once the waters receded we sent all our precious clothes unrecognisable almost to be dry washed in the hope that something could be salvaged. They have come back fresh and clean but faded. It is heart breaking. So much work, love, and memories defined these clothes. There’s a bit of Vimala, Rasmi, Jose and Asokan in all of them. But in a way we are are also proud of them, no flood could destroy them. They withstood the fury of the waters and survived with scars to show. If you purchase one of our flood survivors it would help us get back on our feet.